Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Cheater Post

So ... I'm gonna post about my dance lessons ... all 3 of them. Now, I will admit ... this is kind of the cheater post. Not only 'cause I'm talking about 3 bucket list items in one post but also 'cause y'all may think the following stories about my swing dance lessons, country line dance lessons, and hip hop dance lessons are fakes ... or at least ... not good enough for counting 'em "checked off." But I'm allowing 'em. Ha! They may not be "formal" dance lessons at a dance studio ... but who says they have to be? ;)

Swing Dance Lessons Part 1: Just over a year ago, I took a ballroom dance class at IUPUI. It was my only elective in my 4 1/2 years of college. It was a ton of fun! Every Thursday night after class, the "Swing Cats" would come in and practice their swing dancing. About half-way through the semester, I finally braved it up and stayed after for some swing lessons. They taught me two basic swing moves that would help give me a foundation for the rest of swing dancing. (Now, I only went to probably 3 of these swing dancing nights ... I was only really intimidated! ... But that's beside the point.) I had swing dancing lessons.
Swing Dance Lessons Part 2: For that ballroom class, we had to go dancin' at a real dance studio ... on one of their open-dance nights. So I piled a group of girls from my class in my car, and we rode to the Starlite ... a ballroom/other dance studio. We danced with several guys. And one of those guys was an instructor at the studio. He pulled me on the dance floor for some swing and taught me a bit as we went. Fun, fun!
Swing Dance Lessons Part 3: As a part of my ... was it 21st birthday? Or was it the 22nd? I don't remember. I think it was my 21st. As a part of my 21st birthday celebrations, Jared Wade, Mags, Hannah, Tiffany, and I went to Fountain Square for a night of swing dancing. They have swing dancing there nearly every Friday throughout a good chunk, if not the entire, year. They have lessons before each dance party too! So we went for lessons and dancing. It was a ton of fun ... and I also learned a swing dance routine there.

Country Line Dance Lessons Part 1: For VBS at my church this summer, we did a Wild West theme. And for the kickoff last Sunday night, we did some country line dancing! Oh, it was so fun! The Sunday prior to the kickoff, a lady from my church taught us a couple of basic country line dance steps: the cotton-eyed joe and something she called the 16-step. Too much fun! And dancing at the kickoff was a blast ... there's a video of our cotton-eyed joe on my Facebook page. Check it out!
Country Line Dance Lessons Part 2: Yes, I am this cheesy! After Patty (the wonderful country line dance "teacher" from church) taught us some steps, I was hungry for more! So I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a Country Line Dance workout video!!! It is a ton of fun! I've learned at least 10 more country line dance steps! Amazing!

Hip Hop Dance Lessons: Again, I am this cheesy! :D ... The day I bought my country line dance workout video, I also bought a hip hop dance workout video. They are both fun, but I absolutely love the hip hop! Sooo much fun! And what a workout! I'm learning to "shake it" and "pop it" and "roll it" ... ha! So I'm sure y'all will understand when I tell you I only dance by myself in our people-free basement! ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Bucket Continues!

Well, I'm still addin' to the list ... but at least I'm beginning to knock 'em off my list. The stories for each item should be coming to you soon! :D

MICAL'S BUCKET LIST .... still continues!

#1 Hike through New Zealand!!!

#2 - Run a mini marathon.

#3 - Read through the Bible AT LEAST 3 times ... once in my NIV, once in an ESV, and once in my wide-margin NASB.

#4 - Learn to play bar chords on my guitar.

#5 - Take swing dancing lessons. (CHECK!)

#6 - Marry an oober godly guy!

#7 - Have at least 4 kids and homeschool them.

#8 - Take a 3-day solitude trip! (CHECK!)

#9 - Visit my sponsored child in Bolivia.

#10 - Read all of Mere Christianity.

#11 - Take a BBF trip to the Bosom Buddies Cottages in Canada with Emily!!!

#12 - Be a waitress.

#13 - Visit all 50 states!

#14 - Go to a Gaither Vocal Band concert. (CHECK!)

#15 - Learn to Country Line Dance (CHECK!)

#16 - Learn Hip Hop! (CHECK!)

#17 - Go Hot Air-Ballooning

#18 - Ride a water motorcycle

#19 - Take some Bible classes

#20 - Read Psalm 25 in front of the Appalachian Mountains

#21 - Get a piece of my writing published in some way, shape, or form