Saturday, July 2, 2011

The French Tip

I'm not much of a girl ...

If you know me at all, you know that I'm a hopeless romantic but not really into dresses and make-up and hair and being cute.

AN ASIDE: I will say that I've gotten better about this over the past 6 months ... ballroom dance lessons have helped with that. I have FOUR dresses in my closet right now! Can you believe it? And that doesn't count my 3 bridesmaid dresses. Man, I'm good. I have powder foundation and more than one shade of eye shadow. I have TWO sticks of eye liner! I recently got a cute pixy haircut. ...... Yeah. I can't believe it either. ...... So I'm doing better ....

But really ... I'm a jeans and t-shirt, crocs and ponytail, no make-up wearin' tomboy ... who really doesn't want to become a girl who cares about what she looks like and who looks at her. I just want to be me. ... So most of the time, the t-shirts and ponytails win out.

Ha! Well, all this rambling to say ... in addition to my new dressy clothes and make-up and haircut ... I got a manicure a while back. My first manicure. ... It's too bad I didn't take a picture. I was feeling girly ... and my dance showcase was only a couple weeks away ... so I just went for it! I spent $40 stinkin' dollars on a french tip. My nails looked really good. But man, they were hard to get used to. And a few days after showcase, I broke down and broke 'em off. Yeah. Probably not so smart ... spent a good chunk of money on those. But the tomboy took over! Haha! But it was worth it. I got lots of compliments; they were kinda fun; they made me feel like a girl; and now, I know what it's like to pamper myself.

I'll probably never get 'em again ... but I got 'em. Bucket List Item #54: Get a Manicure --- CHECK! :D

Team Jacob :D

So I'm finally done reading the Twilight Saga. Good read. Really weird but very intriguing. And of course, I enjoyed the classic love triangle. Oh, the suspense! I think, ultimately, I knew Bella was gonna pick Edward - who didn't know that, really? But when Bella kissed Jacob back in Eclipse?? Whew! What the heck? I thought there was a small glimmer of hope for Jake. Yes, I'm Team Jacob. Man ... *Big Sigh* I like Edward - good guy, indeed. But I would've picked Jacob. ... I'll admit it was hard to choose. They are both honorable and beautiful guys. They both love Bella more than their own lives. But ... Jacob is alive. Jacob is "hotter than Edward." Haha! Jacob is more outgoing and upbeat than Edward. I would've picked Jacob. Sheesh, girl.

But I will say that my conclusion is that Bella made the right choice. Bella was definitely in love with both guys ... but ultimately, she was MORE in love with Edward ... therefore, she needs to be with Edward. And she is ... "forever and forever and forever."

But at least Jake is happy ...

Now, Stephanie Meyer just needs to write another book ALL about Jacob and Renesmee! :D That would be the best book of all. :D