Saturday, December 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home :)

"Back Home in Indiana" ... ha! I don't know that song. Tiff always sung it when we rolled across the Indiana state line on our way home from Pastor Mike and Shelley's. I tried to sing along with her, but I never knew the words.

Indiana definitely is my home! Gosh, I love this place. The wide open spaces, the changing seasons - yep, we get all FOUR here - love it!, my town, Calvary, and my house. So many good things about Indiana. ... Now, I'm pretty sentimental, so I have a feeling that no matter where I lived growing up, I would've loved it completely the way I love Indiana, the way my town, the way I love my house. But ... God put me here. And so I love it!

And so Indiana was the easiest state to fill for my "50 States Adventure" - it's my home, my refuge, my most treasured place. Too many stories to tell ... so I will just say ...

I love my home in Indiana. :)

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