Thursday, April 17, 2014

Updated List

I've been rethinking a handful of things on my bucket list.  I'm changing over time, and some things are just not in the cards while other things are becoming more important.  So here's a bit of a revised list.  Perhaps I'll get around to catching up on the stories of each checked off item.  We shall see. :)

#1 - Go hiking in New Zealand!!!

#2 - Learn the Quick Step

#3 - Read through the Bible in my favorite translations - NIV, ESV, NASB, and NLT

#4 - Learn to swing dance (CHECK!)

#5 - Marry an oober godly guy! (CCCHHHEEECKKK!!!!! ... As of September 15, 2012!!!) Yippeee!!!!

#6 - Homeschool my kids (at least for a time) :)

#7 - Take a 3-day solitude trip! (CHECK!)

#8 - Visit our sponsored kids

#9 - Take a BBF trip to the Bosom Buddies Cottages in Nova Scotia with Emily!!!

#10 - Be a waitress (CHECK!)

#11 - Visit all 50 states!

#12 - Go to a Gaither Vocal Band concert (CHECK!)

#13 - Go Hot Air-Ballooning

#14 - Ride a jet ski

#15 - Have a quiet time with Jesus in front of the Appalachian Mountains (CHECK!)

#16 - Stand outside in a lightning storm!!! (CHECK!)

#17 - Make a nature calendar with the photos I've taken (CHECK!)

#18 - Get FLOOR seat tickets to a Gaither Vocal Band Concert!!! (CHECK!)

#19 - Visit Big Sky, Montana

#20 - Eat some New York Pizza

#21 - Go to the Iowa-80 truck stop ... the largest truck stop in the world!!!

#22 - Write a book ... yes, that's right - a BOOK!

#23 - Visit Juliet's house in Verona, Italy

#24 - Go to London, England :)

#25 - Read all of the Twilight Saga (CHECK!)

#26 - Buy a drink at the SoZo Cafe' in Jasper, Indiana (CHECK! ... Well, as a super sweet date before we got married, Darrell took me to Jasper for a yummy beverage, but the SoZo Cafe' was closed down.  I was so bummed!  But we drove all the way there ... we are totally checking it off the list!) :D

#27 - Listen to the wind blowing through the columns at the Parthenon in Greece

#28 - Go to Sitka, Alaska

#29 - Stay on Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine

#30 - Visit an Indian Reservation

#31 - Do something BIG - something out of your comfort zone (CHECK!  For me, physical intimacy in marriage was a HUGE hurdle.  Without going into details ... it is amazing and so worth the emotional struggles I had with it!) ;)

#32 - Have a picnic on the grassy hills of Ireland

#33 - Gain an eternal perspective - Colossians 3:2

#34 - Go on a cruise

#35 - Learn to truly accept who I am

#36 - Find out more about my heritage

#37 - Get a manicure (CHECK!)

#38 - Take a fourth trip to Bogalusa, Louisiana

#39 - Visit all the mountain ranges in the U.S.

#40 - Rent a cabin by the lake for a couple of days

#41 - Spend an afternoon on the beach of each of the Great Lakes

#42 - Drive 1-81 - Northern New York State to New Orleans or vice versa

#43 - Learn the Quick Step

#44 - Visit Sherwood Baptist Church - church that put on Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Courageous

#45 - Read the book, Christy (CHECK!)

#46 - Visit "Cutter Gap," Tennessee (CHECK!)

#47 - Ride on a train (CHECK! ... As part of our SoZo Cafe' adventure, Darrell took me for a train ride just so I could check this off my bucket list!)

#48 - Discover a dead hero ... in other words, read some biographies

#49 - Read through the Bible in a year

#50 - Believe without seeing (John 20:29)

#51 - Learn the dance to "Thriller"

#52 - Take a road trip to see Pastor Mike and Shelley

#53 - Learn to give myself grace

#54 - Get out of debt

#55 - "Give like no one else"

#56 - Learn to eat the Daniel Plan Plate the right way

#57 - Become truly healthy ... physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and spiritually